Partner Information

As a partner we will provide you with students who are keen to undertake placements and internships. This will be advantageous to you as it places you in a stronger position to employ people in the future.

We offer students with expertise and skills in the following fields:
-Media Photography
-Television Production
-New Media
-Public Relations
-Music Industries
-Events Management


What type of placements are suitable?

We aim to work around your requirements and needs. Due to this we are happy to offer our students a variety of placements:

– Freelance work

– Internships

– Short or long term placements

– Intense placements (eg. a week long placement)

– Regular placements (eg. a once a week placement)

We are happy to meet with you and work out the type of placement that will best suit your company.


Placement Documentation

To ensure the placements are beneficial for both you and our students we will work with you throughout the process, assessing your placement requirements to allow us to find a suitable student for the role.

The following page is to aid this process:

Placement Organisation Guidance Document


Please note you will be required to complete the following forms during the placement process:

Memorandum of Understanding

Placement Partner Student Evaluation Form


To become a Partner of this project please fill in this form.

Or to register your interest please email: