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    Planning, Documenting & Evaluating Your Placement

    This page outlines some basic rules, expectations and advice as you embark on your Student Placement. It will also lay out a basic framework for the manner in which your placement will be planned, documented and evaluated.


    A Placement provides the opportunity for you to begin building a professional reputation within your chosen industry. It also allows you to supplement and enhance your learning experience as a BCU School of Media Student. Here are some basic guidelines to follow in order to get the best out of your experience:

    • Think carefully about the placement objectives and strive to achieve them.
    • Be punctual, polite and respectful of your Placement Partner’s environment and working culture.
    • Assume responsibility and deliver any work or tasks required of you to the best of your ability
    • Seek assistance when it is required
    • Accept constructive criticism
    • Maintain positive relations with fellow students, placement partners, and clients.

    Rights and Responsibilities

    • Communication:  Keep your BCU contact informed of your progress, and raise any concerns or grievances with them at the earliest opportunity.
    • Confidentiality: Respect the commercial nature of your Placement Organisation’s operation, with particular reference to confidential information their customers, clients and your co-workers.
    • Health & Safety: Make yourself aware, and adhere to, any safety regulations when working on Partner premises, or when engaged in activities that form part of your Placement duties.
    • Harassment:  Treat co-workers, fellow students, clients, and any others encountered during the performance of your duties politely and professionally. Alert your BCU contact immediately if you feel victimised by any behaviour that you may consider inappropriate, threatening or unwelcome in any way.

    Planning your Placement

    • The Memorandum of Understanding document provides the opportunity for you to set Objectives. You will discuss and agree these with your Placement Organisation prior to commencement of your Placement.
    • In collaboration with your BCU contact and your Placement Organisation you may also agree to specific tasks that you will be expected to fulfil during your placement.
    • Your BCU contact will discuss and agree with the Partner Organisation any Training and Orientation elements that you will be provided with to aid you in your duties

    Documenting your Placement

    • Each week you will be required to complete a Placement Production Diary that will build into a record of your Placement over time. In this document you will document the weekly tasks allocated to you and document the activities undertaken to achieve them. Your should also reflect on the process in this diary.
    • Each week you will be required to complete a Student Timesheet in order to document the hours you have worked, either on Partner Organisation premises, or elsewhere. These hours will be verified by the Partner Organisation.

    Evaluating your Placement

    • Upon completion of your Placement you will be required to complete a Student Evaluation Form that will provide information on the extent to which the Placement has been useful to you in terms of Career and Personal Development and relation of your activities to your Academic Study.
    • Your Partner Organisation will also complete separate Evaluation forms that will provide feedback on your performance.